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A digital technology solution for events, festivals and concert halls offering you services like access control, presence detection, cashless payments and online interactions.

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With OneID, we build a bridge between the physical and the digital world. We connect the people at your event or festival with you and with other visitors. Our goal is to provide technology solutions based on NFC, RFID and UWB combined with an interactive online platform.

Access control

Move away from paper tickets and use technologies like RFID to control the access at events. It delivers a variety of benefits to the organisers and the ticket-holders. Cut costs, reduce queuing times and gain insights to real-time presence numbers.

Cashless payments

A cashless payment environment at your event opens a world of possibilities. OneId combines secure touch-to-pay techniques like NFC with an online cash solution. Visitors can upload credits (online and at the venue) that can be used for local payment. So no more messing around with cash money.

Personal identity

The badge is the ID, the ID is your visitor. With OneID, visitors also get a place online where they can put personal information. Think about medical data (allergies), "In case of emergency" numbers. This information can be critical at some situations where time matters.

Presence detection

Ever wondered where your visitors are located? Looking for real-time heatmaps? OneID use UWB technology to locate visitors, guide people around the venue (think about navigation without GPS sattelites), help visitors to avoid queues, but also to find your personel.


The digital extension of your visitor

The most appropriate and secure scanning technology will be advised to our customers. Based on our knowledge and experience, we can offer solutions based on RFID, NFC and UWB. Context aware solutions like Bluetooth beacons are also possible.

  • Paperless access
  • Visitor localisation
  • Cashless payments
  • Brand activation

Online platform

The central heart of OneID

The online platform is the digital connection between the the ID and the visitor. It allows you as organizer to manage access to venues, manage the payment system, get real-time presence insights and many other things. Next to that, it's also a personalised place for your visitors.

  • Access control settings
  • Presence insights
  • Cashless payment credit managment
  • Payment transaction log


The digital glue of the solution

The scanning equipment allows you to scan badges and manage the access to your event. It will also allow you to scan credits from the cashless payment system. There are several scanning solutions available on the market. We can advise and support customers in the hardware selection.

  • Access control scanners
  • NFC readers for cashless payments
  • Mobile RFID/NFC readers
  • Active RFID scanners

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